Howdy readers!

We’ve been inactive for some time, we know, but that is about to change! Much of our silence is stemmed from two things: life obligations being the first, and a dramatic shift in creative focus being the second. We have renewed and redoubled our efforts to bring to you the best rendering of Plato’s Republic in the graphical medium that we feel is humanly possible. That being said, we are taking a hard look at how we do research from this point on. After looking over what we have created, we decided that we can do better than what you see now by taking further steps to ensure accuracy and fidelity to the information we have currently available to us. As an added bonus, we may have secured a new artist with significant talent to help us out on the project, which means the art style will change dramatically (for the better!) in future renditions. When the time comes, we will introduce her as a formal member of the team. 🙂

Thank you for your continued support and feed back; we have benefited from it immensely. Keep an eye out for more content in the near future, as we are working on the project with due vigilance once again!