Welcome to the Plato’s Republic web-comic!

What you are about to see is an ongoing effort to re-imagine Plato’s dialogues as “sequential art,” the goal of which is to bring Plato’s work to a broader audience via a new medium.

This new interpretation of Plato is the culmination of ten years of planing and countless hours of research and hard work. When the last stroke of the pen has been made and the ink has set, what we hope to present to you is a new and exciting way to engage the Platonic dialogues whilst remaining as faithful to the original text as possible.

This is designed to be more than a simple restyling of a classic. It is also geared towards scholarship and learning. At the base of each page will be an index, complete with all relevant information for the reader to fully grasp the intricacies of Plato’s writing style and the subtext that often accompanies the imagery he used to elucidate his ideas. Historical references, biographical information about the characters, academic interpretations, alternative views, and much more will be included to provide the reader with a “one stop” resource for a complete grasp of Plato’s philosophy.

Beyond the academic impetus, we have great personal interest in creating a flourishing and striking work of art that honors one of the greatest minds the world has ever known.

Such a transformative and work intensive venture will take time to complete. Plato’s Republic is divided into ten books. In the short term, we plan to upload some of the more famous parables such as “The Ring of Gyges,” “The Allegory of the Cave,” and “The Myth of the Metals,” followed by each book in their entirety as they are completed for you to enjoy. The first releases will be in a “rough” format for immediate use. Later, they will be polished into their final format by professional artists.

This is only the beginning. In the future, we will rework other dialogues such as “The Apology” and “Euthyphro” as well. For now, we must deal with what is in front of us. For some of you, this may be your first exposure to Plato. For others, Plato is like an old friend. In either case, we are excited to share our vision of his work with you, and we hope that you will enjoy what we create.